The role of mentor is crucial to the success of Recognition - the importance of the active support they provide to aid the participants learning comes out strongly in any evaluation and discussions about the scheme. The mentor will be someone experienced in, and knowledgeable about, community development. The role of mentor in all the versions of Recognition is to:

  • Listen to the participants current and past community involvement and community development activities and help the participants to select the piece(s) of work that will best demonstrate their competence against the standards they are seeking to achieve
  • Support the participant to reflect on their actions and to draw out their learning and how this will a affect how they approach situations in future – reflective practice
  • To check the practitioners understanding of Community Development theory and how it informs their practice.
  • Provide an opportunity for the professional discussions of issues being raised so that both participant and mentor can learn from exploring current issues in Community Development
  • Attend standardisation sessions and share the progress of their participant, feeding back appropriately comments from the session to the participant.
  • Support the participant to prepare their portfolio using the guidance available
  • Support the participant to prepare for the panel using the guidance available
  • Make assessments about the skills and knowledge of the participant and their level of competence
  • Contribute to the panel by supporting the participant and sharing their own assessment.

For Full Recognition mentors may be asked to act as verifiers for a participant that they are not mentoring, which requires a visit to the participant’s place of work/ activity and to meet and discuss the participant’s input with key members of communities and groups that the participant is involved with.
In addition, Assessors:

  • Mark portfolios and give feedback
    Are part of the panel hearing people’s presentations of their portfolios and determining what Standards will be awarded to each participant and at what level.

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