ESB can offer a number of different ways to organise a Recognition Programme that would suit your particular circumstances. We have worked with regional networks, Housing Associations, locally based community projects, health projects and community centres, to deliver Recognition to paid practitioners and unpaid community activists/ peer mentors/ committee members – all at different stages on their journey in community development.

There are 4 main ways that we can help you to deliver a Recognition Programme, and these can have a number of variants and can change over time.

  1. ESB is contracted to undertake the delivery of the whole programme which has been developed in partnership to meet your needs
  2. ESB is contracted to deliver the induction workshop, the mentoring and assessing aspects of Recognition while you deliver the supporting CD related workshops
  3. ESB trains your staff to undertake the mentoring role as well as the delivery of the induction and CD workshops and ESB undertakes the assessment
  4. Your organisation applies to be an approved Recognition Centre and undertakes all the roles, ESB sits in on the panel and Quality Assures the programme

All the programmes can have participants entering for Baseline, Project or Full Recognition. ESB can supply all the handbooks and paper work necessary for participants to compete Recognition, and for the training of mentors and assessors. ESB has established criteria for mentors and assessors which can be verified before attending mentor and assessor training sessions. More information on mentors and assessors here.

Please contact us to discuss your interest